SHADOWMAN: With TV In Between                                                                     by Thomas M. Baxa

John Metzler is just a guy.  Nothing special.  He’s not particularly interesting or attractive.  He’s not smart and he’s not gifted.  He goes to his job, he comes home, and he watches TV.  With only his Captain Action figures to keep him company.  They take him back to a time where he was too young to be unhappy.  A time of afternoons in front of the TV, anxiously awaiting the return of his father from a long day of work. 

He’s alone now.  Alone in the emptiness. Until the loneliness is so powerful and the instinct for human interaction is so relentless, that he can be alone no more.  And a loser no more.  He’s unable to change the world and unable to control his tiny, crappy life…but he can control her.  Any Her will do.  They don’t have names; they don’t have faces.  They are nothing.  But they are his.     

What drives a man to aberrant behavior?  To acts so vile and depraved that they defy reason?   Author Tom Baxa explores the pressures and influences that weigh heavy on the human soul; that push so hard and so deep that a man’s only recourse is to completely detached and retreat into a world of fantasy where he can have some control over his hollow life.


Check out this Audio Book of Baxa's short story, read by Wayne June, and produced by Fred Godsmark of Audio 

(Note: Shadowman is a story about a serial killer, and contains language of a frank and graphic nature.  Some material may not be unsuitable for children under 13.)



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“Baxa’s unique descriptive approach and haunting command of language sucks you into a dark and blood curdling world where you bear witness to horrible acts of desperation by a man so devoid of hope, that he can only create victims in place of relationships.”  

“I felt dirty and violated after listening.  How can anyone not succumb to the primal demons inside living in such an oppressive world?” 

“Wayne June delivers a powerful read of Baxa’s story with his somber tones and deep resonant voice.  And Fred Godsmark’s production and sound design is superb!”


An Audio Realms Production 


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