BAXA Signings and Appearances  It's been a great year full of cons and GPs!  The fun continues with more dates for 2016!  I'll have prints, tokens, APs and original art with me!  See you there.


Get Work as a Fantasy and Sci Fi Artist Presentation  Aug. 20, 2016, Los Angeles, CA held at Pop Secret Gallery (Eagle Rock, CA).  Baxa talks about strategies to make a living as an illustrator!!!.  Sign Up: http://sila.storenvy.com


Son of Monsterpalooza Sept. 16-18, 2016, Burbank, CA.


Illuxcon 9 Oct. 19-23, 2016, Reading, PA. 


Unannounced MTG Event Late Oct., 2016


DesignerCon Nov. 19-20, 2016, Pasadena CA.


PRIVATE COMMISSIONS  - Have Baxa do an original painting for you.


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--- Tom Baxa LIVE seminar in Los Angeles ---

.                                    TIME + DATE                                   

Sat. Aug. 20th, 11 am – 1 pm + (1-1:30, meet & greet, +2 hours of 15 min.Crits)

.                                      LOCATION                                     

Pop Secret Gallery, 5119 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041 (Eagle Rock)

Questions:  626-262-3909  popsecretgallery@gmail.com

.                                          COST                                        

$110  = 2hr presentation + free "Get Work" book +15 minute crit  (Limit 8)

$90 = 2 hr presentation + free "Get Work as a Fantasy Artist" book ($25 value)

$75 = 2 hour presentation

Details about the discounted "Get Work as a Fantasy Artist" book - https://www.amazon.com/Get-Work-As-Fantasy-Artist/dp/099050770X

SILA members $10 discount, Must pre-register for Crits (booked in order of registration)

Sign Up Here: http://sila.storenvy.com

.                                   DESCRIPTION                                 

Do you want a career drawing heroes and monsters?  Are you unsure where to start or how to find art jobs?  Does showing your work to art directors seem intimidating?  This presentation can guide you towards a successful art career and give you an edge over the competition, whether you’re just getting started, or a working artist. 

Tom Baxa has 30+ years of experience as a freelance fantasy artist working on such notable games as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, World of Warcraft tcg, and more.  Baxa’s work has appeared in countless books, magazines, card games, video games, miniature games, mobile games, comics and films. 

In this presentation, Baxa brings to bear his vast experience, offering up effective real-world strategies and insider secrets to help you formulate a winning plan to get work as fantasy and sci-fi artist.  Topics include:  

         How to build an effective portfolio

         Using critiques to catapult you to a pro level

         How to find art job opportunities

         How to solicit companies

         Tips about art directors and how to work with them

         What art directors are looking for, and why they’ll hire YOU!

         Some tricky but important business stuff, including copyrights

         Bonus Opportunity: get your portfolio critiqued by Baxa (see pricing options)